Pet Peeve

Y es this is going to make me sound crazy and OCD but I am not either. I just have an eye for detail, and think about the little things in life. And good little things can really please me.

I really hate crooked light switches. Our place was built in the 70s and not very well. We forgive all of this and soldier on fixing things because the view makes it all worth it. I do not understand when electricians put in light switches that they put them in any way but straight. Like most of the little things in life I ponder the reason why people do this. I've decided that either they cannot see the difference or they don't care.

This sort of thing engages my overly busy mind... and my mind becomes one long run on sentence... thatlightswitchiscrookedwhyisitcrookedwhowouldhaved onethathowdoImakeitnotcrooked blahblahblahblah. And the next time I see it the exact same thing goes through my head. My eye does not get use to it.

My darling husband put up 4 new switch plates, took down the 5 dimmer switches and put up these lovely large switches. Don't they look nice? And I cannot believe this but he made them ALL straight. And now when I flip on a switch I am delighted and charmed. These will please me forever.

(Thank you Sweetie, especially for making them straight.)

As I reread this I can see how I sound OCD... but it is that same thought process that helps me be creative and make good fonts. I guess it is a double edged sword.