Paul Ferney... let them eat cake

Here are some of the sweetest and most charming cake oil paintings I have ever seen. I must order a couple of these. I wanted to paint some cakes for the kitchen but I would far prefer to order these. The only hard part will be to choose which ones.

About the artist Paul Ferney I am the second youngest of six kids, raised in potato rows up in Northern Utah. My mom encouraged us to appreciate detail and create art—she is an artist. My brothers all became engineers, though artists at heart. I became an artist but an engineer at heart. Weight, wood, erosion, ceiling tile, decay, growth, light, and movement inspire me.

My love for oil paint started while getting my BFA at Utah State. I do work besides oil—including graphic design—but I prefer the permanence of oil paint to temporary design. It's probably my vanity, but I love the idea of a painting as a treasured object, interacting with and impacting people for years.

I like the way paint feels, the look of paint. If I'm painting a tree, I'm not trying to make the painting look like a tree; I want it to look like paint—to never forget that it is paint. I like how primitive painting tools are. I use hair tied to a stick to spread oil mixed with plants and dirt on cloth.

In the past I've focused on natural landscapes. I love how natural scenes aren't tied to any time or human era. No person arranged the rocks that fell from the cliff into the surf or decided on the layout of the shrub-oak in the foothills. Since we moved to Paris, I love painting cities. Every surface is artificial but all it takes is a change in the angle of the sun and you have a new view—always changing.