office supplies

Paper, pens... especially black ones. I love looking at, buying and having an abundance of all things paper and pen. And I like the GOOD pens and the GOOD paper. I also believe that to do good work one needs good tools. So I indulge myself.

I recently ordered all these new black pens in hopes of finding the right ones to go back and work on a couple alphabet fonts that are done in my head, but not quite right on paper. One of my fav pen places is Jet Pens. Go there and be prepared to be done working for the day. They have SO many pens. I also didn't get, but thought seriously about, templates for envelopes. But making envelopes for me is like spinning my own yarn. I just can't go there. I want to but there are only so many hours in the day. This site has a lot of Japanese pens which is extra fun.

Paper Source is another great, well, paper source. Good design, nice quality. If you need colored envelopes in a good weight and a nice color palette go there.

Present and Correct another yummy paper site. I want one of everything. It is a UK site so I have no idea what shipping is.

And here is a fun Faber Castell video using black pens.