office of transcription, translation & transmutation


saturday we wandered down to our new library. John had not been there. So we walked through the entire library. In our wanderings we met Angela from the Office of Transcription, Translation & Transmutation.


The Office of Transcription, Translation, and Transmutation provides professional assistance for the harried and handwriting impaired.
       Services include: Live transcription of your immediate thoughts and most heartfelt sentiments into beautiful, curlicue, cursive sentences on real paper.
       Angela's services including postage are free-of-charge in exchange for permission to include your missive in her public collection of love letters, apology notes, hate mail, letters of complaint, messages of sympathy and regret and expressions of thanks. The Office follows a strict code of confidentiality. No identifying info will be visible to the public
       If you are interested in visiting I would call the library and see if The Office is open.
       Presented in conjunction with MAD THEORY - A Performance Philosophy Symposium