occupy design

you may know that several months ago, the Canadian magazine Adbusters called for a protest on Wall Street, providing the spark that ignited a movement across the country and the world. The power of creative marketing is enormous.

Propaganda is a form of communication aimed primarily at influencing an audience in a preferred direction. It was originally a neutral and often benign term to describe advertisements such as public health recommendations or calls for citizens to participate in a census or election.

Today “propaganda” has a strong negative connotation, especially in describing how the world's largest corporations use biased ads, newscasts and politicians to manipulate public opinion. They tell us that consumerism is the path to happiness, that governmental regulation causes our problems, and that economic globalization is both inevitable and a boon to humanity.

A brand new website, Occupy Design, brings back the original sense of the word: truthful propaganda for the public good—not for the benefit of huge corporations. A grassroots project, it connects designers with demonstrators in the Occupy Together movement. It was created in less than 24 hours October 14-15 by a team of designers, programmers, artists, and demonstrators in San Francisco. Their goal is to share custom-designed, open-source visual icons around social justice themes. Visit the site today to download and print poster designs that bring compelling statistical evidence to life.

And if you’re a designer, you can download a toolkit and help create infographics. occupydesign.org/guide/for-designers/ Please spread the word so we can get facts in the hands

of more people!