Definition: Fill or take up (a space or time)
Synonyms: take - seize - hold – inhabit


The current Occupy movement has a small official outpost in Madison—this sign announces the General Assembly daily agenda. Those of us who have been keeping

a daily vigil at the Capitol since February 15 view Occupy Madison as a continuation of the occupation that started when the Capitol building was first seized, inhabited, filled and held for many weeks by outraged Wisconsin citizens.

Jonathan Schell of The Nation says about the wildfire spread of the Occupy movement: “Its members are crying out ‘Enough!’ to a corrupt political, economic and media establishment that is hijacking the world’s wealth for itself, making ordinary people miserable, sabotaging the rule of law, waging interminable savage and futile wars, plundering the world’s finite resources, lying about all this to the public and threatening Earth’s life forms into the bargain.” He adds: “When such sea changes in opinion and will are under way, entrenched institutions start to tremble and shake, and political miracles become possible.”

We cry out “Enough!” to our corrupt and power-hungry GOP governor and legislature. They can’t wage foreign wars but are waging one against the people of Wisconsin. We can’t wait to overthrow our state government with more recalls. On November 15, we can begin!