No it is Not Too Late!


Wisconsin needs you like it never has before.

If you’re reading this post on Monday morning, June 4, you can help get out the vote for Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell all day today and tomorrow, the two most critical days of the recall effort. To call or canvass, visit for office locations and contacts. Find out how to help Lori Compas win her battle against Senator Scott Fitzgerald at All four Senate recall races are close, so please lend a hand if you are in those districts.

Then—quick! grab some magic markers and poster board. Create your own low-budget “VOTE WALKER OUT” ad campaign and get out on the streets of your city or town. One person, one sign is a sign brigade, but find a few others to join you and it’s even more fun. Let’s put people-powered signs everywhere. Believe it or not, there are thousands of people around the state who do not know there is an election June 5.

Use Facebook invitations or send email blasts to your friends. Be creative and find a way to remind voters, especially young voters, that polls are open from 7-8pm. My dream is that many people who have never voted in their lives will decide, “This is the time to make my voice heard!” Let’s make sure we have a record turnout despite GOP efforts to make voting more difficult.

Here’s some information about the most crucial, yet confusing issues:

•  You do NOT need photo ID to vote in the recall election.

•  If you register on Election Day, bring a document with your name and voting address. This must be: a recent utility bill (electric, cell, phone, cable, etc.); a lease; a bank statement; a pay check; an employer ID card; a government document or check; a letter from a homeless shelter; a college photo ID along with a university fee receipt or list of dorm residents; a driver’s license or a state ID.

•  If you are a student living away from your parents, you can choose to vote where you live to go to school OR where your family’s home is. You may only vote once. If you moved between May 9 and June 5, you need to register and vote at the address you lived at BEFORE moving.

Let’s make sure that, win or lose tomorrow, we know we’ve done everything we can to beat the huge out-of-state funding advantage that has controlled perceptions to put a positive spin on Scott Walker, the most divisive governor in Wisconsin history.

If you can be at the Capitol at 8pm on Election Day, join us in a one-hour Solidarity Sing Along, and then watching election returns at The Majestic on King Street. It will be good for your nerves, heart, and soul.