New light fixture...

Finally... this has been I think a 6 month project. I thought the new light fixture could just go where an existing recessed light was. But it couldn't because this one is 400 watts. So that meant an electrician and if we were getting one in then we needed to add more outlets and fix the problem in the basement where EVERYTHING was on one fuse. (If the sump pump kicked in when the washer & water softener, etc were running... well you get the idea.) Then the hole in the ceiling needed to be patched and then painted and then the electrician had to come back for the final install. Oh yes then there was the month when we'd see a couple droplets of water on the table which had to be coming from the hole. And where was that water coming from anyway... the tub, the roof, the fireplace chimney? You get the picture.

Anyway the story is too boring to go on but the finished project is lovely. And there was a moment of doubt in the very end as the light is big in our little space.

But when we turn the light on the light is magical. And on a second switch that I never used there was already a rheostat. So all is well that ends well.