New Bike for Spring...

M y new bike... ahhhhhhhhh.... I got this bike just before the last big snowstorm so it has been in the basement. I did take it out for a little spin last Friday. I love my new bike. I am all about the visual. I like the fact that this looks kind of retro. No gears showing plus the chain is covered so I won't get grease on my pants. This is a 3-speed automatic if you can believe that. (I have never been good at shifting.) There is one spot where with a screwdriver I can adjust the shifting. So I spent some time riding up and down the street, screwdriver in hand watching the little speedometer and feeling when the bike shifted automatically. I assume that the first few longer rides I take I'll take the screwdriver along to tweak it.

This is the Trek Lime. I don't know why it is called the Lime as it came with grey accents and I had the lime put on. It is a 3-speed automatic which means that the bike shifts for you! And to brake it is totally old school. You reverse the pedal just like you did on your first bike. If you were old enough to have a bike like that.

It also won the National Design Museum's 2009 People's Design Award.

Unfortunately this bike has been discontinued so if you are interested I suggest you look quickly for one.

It is almost ready for Spring, just needs my black wire basket and my silver bell on it and I am ready.