My Mother Betty...

I am so lucky. I had such good parents. And I had them both for such a good long time. My Mom passed away quietly at home late last night. She had Alzheimer's for 10 years or more and she stayed way beyond her time. Dad died February 13. My parents were devoted to each other and their wish was to go together. In the end Dad tried to outlive Mom but just couldn't. And knowing their relationship I don't think Mom could go before him. She lasted almost 5 months without him. So I'd say they got their wish. My parent's marriage was an ongoing love story. Mom once told me that when Dad proposed he told her if she married him she would never want for anything. I asked her once if she ever did and she said no.

My Mom was spunky and feisty, had a great sense of style and probably had the cleanest house in town. She was an absolute mother lion about her children. Woe be unto the person who wronged one of her kids.

I remember overhearing her telling my Dad when I was to start first grade that she intended to tell those nuns that NO ONE lay a hand on one of HER kids. And I am sure she did. She took me to school on my first day. I wore a darling large-check pale blue gingham dress with a big round nun-like linen collar with a bunch of fake flowers pinned on it. She situated me in a front row desk. And she said she would be out in the hall where I could see her. And she was.

My mother resented every meal she ever made.

She enjoyed every cigarette she ever smoked.

When getting married Mom said to get as nice a ring as you could, in case it was the last thing he ever bought you.

...and don't marry a farmer, you will have to work too hard.

I remember years ago telling my Mom about some work problem I was having with a co-worker. And she asked me why I thought that was happening. And I said that I didn't think this person liked me. My mother turned to me with a look of astonishment and said, "Who wouldn't like you?" And she actually meant it. I laugh every time I think of that.

While sad, I am so glad my Mom is now gone. Her leaving has been a long, hard road. It is comforting to know that she is again with my Dad, where she belongs.