My Life in France by Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme

After watching Julie and Julia I decided to read this book which was about Julia Child's time in France. It was really about her whole life and I was charmed. But like Julia I also loved Paris. It was lovely to see it at a different time and through her eyes.

I knew that the letters written home by Julia and her husband Paul were used to create this book. I was disappointed that the book did not use actual letters. But if it had it may have become the size of one of Julia's cookbooks.

Alex Prud'homme is Paul Child's grandnephew and looked remarkably like Paul. Paul was a photographer and painter so there are nice black and white prints sprinkled throughout the book.

And as much as I have enjoyed all my reading about Julia I am still not about to tackle French cooking... maybe it is all that butter or all those odd meats. But I found it to be a most enjoyable read.