My Letter to the Editor


have you written a letter to the editor of your paper about why you think Scott Walker should be recalled? Mine, when I write it, will tell the story of the 8-year-old boy who begged to sign my Recall Walker petition the other day—because, the boy said sadly, "They closed my favorite school!” I felt choked up, and I was so sorry he couldn't sign. When we did the math, and the boy learned he’d have to wait to sign until he was 18, he looked crestfallen. I suspect he'll remember to vote 10 years from now, but what about his education today?

Wisconsin children, who have lost both health care services and educational opportunities, deserve a voice in the recall of our governor. Since they don’t have a voice, we must stand up and speak for them, then vote for what’s best for them. My little first grade friend, Breeze, can’t afford to have the quality of her education reduced over the next four years. She’ll never have those four crucial, formative years to do over.

On December 24, wearing my sign “All I Want for Christmas is a New Governor”, I collected signatures outside Madison’s Overture Center. As I wished adults and children a very Merry Christmas, my sign got a lot of nods, smiles and “wouldn’t THAT be nice?!” comments.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our youth, from elementary to college age, could in 2012 receive the gift of a new governor and a Wisconsin united in its support of our schools and teachers?

A good New Year’s resolution for all of us: write a letter to the editor of

your local paper and stand up for our children. (Here are some facts about Walker administration’s slashing of educational funding.