my hair stylist fired me...

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My hair stylist fired me. And yes I can hear you all laughing. And those who know me well know that on a rare occasion I have been known to obsess over a couple things. Like, say, the look of a Cobb Salad or the bread in a Reuben Sandwich.

And hair. Always hair.

To make a very long story as short as possible I need to say when I get less than great hair, especially color I assume some responsibility. It is hard to use words to make someone understand what you mean when talking about color. And I was just plain stupid not to make her get the color swatches out.

For $100 I want to look like something was done. I asked for yellow blond and silver blond highlights. I think I got a gold and low lights which are a browny-red. And it is pretty but not what I asked for.

As I said long story short she refunded my money and suggested I go somewhere else. She was very nice. I was equally gracious.

I have an appointment and will try again. This time I ask for a warm, sunny, yellowy, bright, blond color. Not ashy or dishwater blond. And no low lights ever.


If I am lucky I'll look like my avatar. Which I am pretty pleased with. My extremely gifted friend Nancy did it.

If you need one like my Facebook page. There is a very good chance that will be my next giveaway.

(Thanks again Nancy!)