My Bike...

I love my new bike, really love it. Now my bell and basket are on it. And a water bottle holder. Still need a rear view mirror. Yesterday midday it was 50 ish and sunny so I hopped on my bike to take a basket load of stuff to St. Vinnie's. Then I called John who was getting home from his golf course job, he hopped on his bike and we met at Tenney Park on the other side of the Isthmus from where we live. We sat in the sun and chatted about our day and shared a bottle of water in the crisp Spring sunshine. Bliss.

I've always had a bike, but how much I actually ride it depends on where we live. Now we live in this old hippie area of Madison where I actually use my bike to run to the store or do errands. Last year when we lived DT I walked. In Rochester we lived at the top of a killer hill, in Eau Claire we lived on the edge of the town. This is a perfect riding neighborhood. I am rehabbing my knee and riding a little farther each time. The goal is to ride around Lake Monona by the end of the Summer. If I can do that, more bliss.

(Chris I think of you whenever I ring that sassy little bell. Thanks again!)