we use to see a lot more movies. But then we lived in cities with much less to do. We love movies and here are our latest.

Harry Potter, a must see. I did re read the last book which was very helpful. This movie jumps right in where the last one left off and was every bit as enjoyable as the books and other movies.


Possibly the best Woody Allen since Annie Hall. Owen Wilson was great in it and I am not usually a fan. I think I like him better when he is channeling Woody Allen. And of course it is Paris. I really need to see this a second time because there was too much to get the first time.... references to artists, Paris scenes I wanted to look at more... It is on our Netflix list and it will make a great cold Winter night movie.


This is a documentary that I watched this week as I worked on London Doodles. Alice Neel was an amazing portrait artist. It is the story of her life and art and told by in part her sons. She was certainly a bohemian artist in her day. I do think her children suffered for her art. And she seemed to feel she needed to suffer for her art too. Certainly being a woman and a single mother in addition to an artist was not an easy life. It was a good movie to have playing as I worked.

I enjoyed all of these and all are or will be available on Netflix.


If you are interested here is a a 7-day free trial to