Monday's construction...

If all goes well at the end of the day we will have 3 sets of new windows on the second floor. Then all the windows on the second floor will have been replaced. About 1/3 of the windows have been replaced and we are replacing another third this week. There has been a lot of water damage here because of the old windows. So we are doing the ones that must be done this year.

The upside is a warmer house in Winter and a tax rebate for putting in energy efficient windows.

And we had a surprise yesterday. We finally hooked up the hose and I was going to hose off the deck. I didn't have good water pressure so John went to the basement to shut off the washer and came running out to shut off the hose. Apparently the pipes to the outside faucet leak-- into the finished basement wall somewhere. We could hear water dripping. Long list for the plumber next week... 7 things so far.

Every day this week when John gets off work we will head over to the apartment for another load of little stuff. We are emptying the bathrooms... so much little stuff crammed into every available space.