Monday morning meeting...

John and I start our week with a breakfast meeting out somewhere. Yesterday it was Lazy Jane's Cafe which I love. It is on Willy St. in the old hippie part of the city. Things have that funky, slightly worn, old hippie charm to them. This speaks to me and makes me remember my college days back in the 70s. At Lazy Jane's you order your breakfast and go find a table. When your meal is ready the cook bellows out your name and you go get your food.

This shop is right next door. Clothes that I would wear... those artsy, flowy things. OK expensive items in natural fabrics that wrinkle and make it look like I just got out of bed.

I like this place... why I don't know... guess it is that it is "Grampa's" gun shop. Should go in sometime.

And this place intrigues me... probably the handmade sign. Type and signs tell you a lot about a place... we will try this place out soon.

And if we buy the condo I want this could sort of be our neighborhood. Every Sunday we go look at pretty, shiny, mostly new condos. We are exploring neighborhoods etc. This is John's doing, he is systematic and researches before we go. I on the other hand know where we should be living. 15 to 18 years ago we were driving down a street and I SAW it. Then the building was new and cared for and white and pretty. From time to time we have driven by it and I always say that is where I should be living. And now there is a condo for sale. It has been for sale over a year. But it is way more money than we intend to spend and it is not in good shape. So for many reasons I should not even dream about this place. I keep thinking about the lake view and the funky chandelier that is over the desk. I guess time will tell how this is reconciled, the reasons why we shouldn't or can't do this with my long held belief that is where I should live.