Here is the newest addition to my Heart Collection. I don't really collect hearts the collection just happened, I guess. This came from my friend Justine of Vintage Hearts and was handmade by Susan Jacoby. I really like it a lot. I have a thing for Milagros anyway. I have a little bag of silver Mexican Milagros. The attached hangtag says: In Mexican tradition, milagro, "miracle" can refer toa small offering given as a reminder of the petitioner's need or given in thanks for prayers answered. It's fascinating to learn about this practice and even more delightful to see the actual Milagros. A tiny silver hand may have been offered with a prayer for physical healing or literally for assistance, "a helping hand". A tiny pig likely accompanied prayers for safe births on the farm. These Corazon (Heart) Milagros have been created to symbolize one's most heartfelt desires: a stonger faith, a kinder heart, a deeper prayer life - or a more tangible need: a healing or the overcoming of some physical challenge. In the midst of all the messages our modern world hurls our way, this gentle image can serve as a reminder to refocus on our heart's desire, the thing that truly matters.

And now I am going to go and add this one to my collection. Thanks Justine!