Mid Century Modern, a pictorial

IMG_4822 3.jpg

If you have never been to the Milwaukee Art Museum, the building is art in its self. My photo would have been better if there was not a ladder in the middle, but they were setting for a wedding. What a spectacular venue that would be.


We managed to catch the end of the “Design in Midcentury America” exhibit. It was a birthday overnighter for me. We stayed at The Plaza, a vintage hotel. I picked it because it was near both the art museum and the 3rd Ward. Unfortunately it did not have an elevator and had steep, old, terrasso steps. It has suites with kitchens and a great breakfast.


I truly enjoy Midcentury Modern, pretty much everything. Our condo has small scale rooms and this furniture really works here. I have some vintage chairs that I love.


These shapes and those colors….


I’ve always loved the El Producto cigar ads.

This is just a tiny selection of more than 200 whimsical graphics, surface design, furniture, toys etc. If you ever get a chance to see it you should.