Making jewelry again, I think, maybe...

I might be making jewelry again, maybe. I made jewelry 4 or 5 years ago. The problem with that was then I had to sell it.
1. I really don't like to sell things. (My mother had to buy ALL my Girl Scout cookies.)
2. I don't like inventory.
3. When something really sold well I became a one woman sweatshop making that thing over and over again until I wanted to cry.

But there is this really cute site that has fun jewelry and I don't buy any because I keep thinking I could make that. So I am going to make a few things. But I won't sell any or have an inventory or make something over and over again until I cry.

Do check out blue moss. Her things are darling... she has an etsy shop in case you want to buy something.

So what creative thing are you doing this week, plz share.