Little Rituals

I need a routine. I think to successfully work from home you do. And we are developing ours. The Marigold Cafe is where we start our Monday mornings. We go and have breakfast and take our iPhones, daytimer, computer etc and trade info on our schedules and talk about font work. John is becoming really valuable in my font biz and seems to like the work. Plus he is tackling things I hate and don't do or don't do well. Things like setting up excel spreadsheets to track royalty payments, sending out friendly reminders on royalties due, licence violations and doing the tech side of making a font.

He is off shortly to Milwaukee to see a talent agency there.

I am off to a bookstore to sit and draw.

The Marigold logo was developed from the vintage found letters. I want a whole alphabet of those kind of old letters for a wall in the new condo.

Monday we rode the bus. That was interesting and SO easy compared to the Tube in London or the Metro in Paris. Everyone was so helpful and we could ask questions in our native tongue. Always a plus.

I am surprised by this but this will be the first time since moving here that we will both be driving our cars at the same time. We walk to most places, this morning I went to the post office, library and grocery store all on foot and did it in the rain.