learning new things...

Sadly I don't think anyone can keep up with all the new things there are to learn. In fact just today my camera said pan L to R for panoramic photo. I had no idea that there was this function. So I ran outside panned and got this. Wow... a whole new thing to look up and learn about. Not to mention this means a long bike ride somewhere to take some great new photos.

But since I share my creative process from time to time I thought I would share about learning technical stuff. I know I have mentioned lynda.com before and have an affiliate link on my site. I pay for this service monthly... it is just $25/mo. And since I am paying for it I thought I should really use it. I try every morning to spend 20 minutes or so working my way though all these things that I should understand in greater detail. I have taken the MobileMe, Wordpress and Facebook classes. Even though I had been using all these apps there was quite a bit a good info that I got. These classes are from 3 to maybe 5 hours long but broken into 3-8 minute segments. Kind of nice to start the day learning something new. Next week I will start the Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter class.

And if you are  like me and can never know enough about Photoshop there is a link to the right with some free tutorials.