Laurie and our Butcher Block Counter!

Rae: We have a 30" x 50" butcher block counter as the pass through from the kitchen to the dining area. It looks its age with stains, burns, unevenness, and grime around the edges. Almost 40 years of other peoples grime. Ick.

Our friend Laurie was here this weekend. She brought some tools and woodworking related items so she could make suggestions to me on my Dad's desk. Well she took one look at this butcher block and knew she could fix it.

But we needed a few things. And she acquired this lovely Lie Nielsen plane. What a lovely tool this is.

John: So, here's our "guest"...slaving over the butcher block until around 1:15am...making it very pretty! We felt bad (but not TOO bad)...actually I slept like a baby! When Laurie starts something she won't stop until it's perfect, near perfect, or her fingers bleed...any two of those three. That said, I learned stuff from when I need something done around the house, research my friends' interests on Facebook before I invite them for a stay.

Rae: And here she is using the little metal card scrapper.

John: This is the coolest thing and I can't believe I have never come across these little metal tools...or maybe I have and threw them away thinking they were scrap! After all I AM a MASTER craftsman! In fact, when she first pulled these metal strips out, I thought it was a prank! I know. I am one knowledgeable craftsman.

Rae: And here is a platter of the dust, dirt and wood shavings that she scraped off the butcher block.

John: I had a spoonful of this on my pizza before they told me it was shavings!

Rae: Thanks Laurie, you are the best!

John: This is causing us to rethink company...for those of you reading this who are thinking of a visit, place your dietary interests and tradesman skill levels on your Facebook page. We'll call when we have an opening.

Laurie: Be careful what you wish for.

Rae: I have to go fondle the counter top...

John: Damn. It IS smooth...and Laurie is now buying us dinner for allowing us to let her improve her woodworking skills.

Rae: And she fixed Dad's desk too!

She's my friend. I am not giving out her number, don't even ask.