lake michigan circle tour, day 4, the last day


woke on day 4 in Luddington. This is the city where you can ferry across the lake if you want. It takes you over to Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Since we had not seen any dunes yet we set out for Silver Lake. It is a state park so it was open. Pretty, windswept, deserted.

IMG_1698 IMG_1700 IMG_2180  IMG_1682

About the time we were leaving Silver Lake it started to cloud up so we decided to drive on to Chicago.


We stopped at several roadside stands on the way and managed to squeeze some gourds and apples in the car. After dinner in Chicago with the kids and grand kids we drove on home. We had intended to take several more days to do this trip but it is a trip that needs some pretty Fall weather not rain. That gave us the weekend to regroup and John to get ready for his new job!

We have never done this kind of wandering type of trip before. And we enjoyed it a lot. If the weather had been better I would have enjoyed taking the two additional days so we could see more little towns and do a little shopping and eat in some interesting places. As it was we had two long days of driving. This does make me want to drive around Lake Superior next. And I do think Fall is a great time. After school starts so it is less crowded, but not so late that places are closed for the season.