Lake Geneva, WI

We met Eau Claire friends yesterday in Lake Geneva, WI. They were there for a long weekend and we are about 1.5 hours away. Lake Geneva is a very pretty town on the lake. Went to the Arts and Craft Fair. I bought nothing. After putting everything I own in boxes and then taking it all out and putting it somewhere else I had no desire for anymore stuff.We had dinner at a golf course on the deck over looking the course and it was so perfect looking that it looked fake.

Saw this little car with a motorcycle engine on our way home.

This was my first visit to Lake Geneva and I could easily go there for a long weekend. Very pretty, nice shops, places to eat etc.

Some fun facts about Lake Geneva.

An elephant was buried in Delavan Lake during the city's days as a winter home for circus troupes.

At the bottom of Geneva Lake you can find: a 50's era cabin cruiser south of Black Point, a Nash over by Cedar Point, a Volkswagen North of the Academy, the Lucius Newberry by Geneva Bay Estates, and the Hull of the Lady of the Lake by Geneva Inn. The Lucius Newberry

Geneva Lake is the second deepest lake in Wisconsin (5,262 acres, 135 feet deep, 21 miles around, 2.1 miles wide, and 7.6 miles long).

Stone Manor, the largest mansion on the lake was built by Otto Young in 1900-1901. Young made his money on real estate along State Street in Chicago after the great fire of 1871.

The Geneva Lake area is home of cartoonists Joe and Jay Martin, writers of the "Mr. Buffo", "Willy'n Ethel", and "Tommy" comics.

Lake Geneva was the home of Sidney Smith , creator of the Andy Gump comic strip. A statue of Andy Gump stands in Flat Iron Park.(Andy Gump)

  • The Geneva Lake area is the home of Buddy Melges, 1972 Olympic yachting gold medallist and helmsman of the winning America's Cup team in 1992.
  • Producers/creators William Bell and Lee Phillips developed the soap opera "The Young and the Restless" while living in Lake Geneva, and set the popular daytime drama in the nearby town of Genoa City.
  • The famed "Dungeons & Dragons ® Role-playing Game" was founded in Lake Geneva. "Dungeons & Dragon's" is a registered trademark of TSR, Inc.
  • The home of Joseph Philbrick Webster, who wrote the famous Civil War camp song "Lorena" and the popular hymn "The Sweet By and By" is in Elkhorn and now the Webster House Museum.
  • The city is Lake Geneva, the lake is Geneva Lake.

Folklore is that over 70 species of evergreen trees are planted on Black Point.

Hugh Hefner chose Lake Geneva as the home for the nationally acclaimed Playboy Club & Resort. Now the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa.