NEW! Wilderness Doodles!

Inspired by a trip to Alaska, here is Wilderness Doodles. A collection of 30 illustrations of water, trees and mountains. Silhouettes of animals and other outdoorsy Northwoods camping items.

I've had someone ask, but Rae what do I DO with these cute little drawings? Well, I'll show you. This font really has a lot of uses. It does help if you use a program like Illustrator and know how to enlarge the font by choosing a larger point size. But I'll assume you have that working knowledge.

This one is even easier. Make a colored square. Enlarge the bear and color him. Using a digital brush create some white area over the bear’s face and shadow. Send that back, so it is behind the bear. Add and colorize the copy. I used Plz Print Bold Condensed in all caps. Seems to go with the bear and had a bit of a birthday party feel.

OK, one more.

How easy was that? Just color the graphic and add some copy.

It you made it this far you should get a medal. But you also might be interested in buying Wilderness Doodles. You can buy it here and it is 25% off. Have fun creating some wonderful wilderness graphics!