knitting gone wild


my knitting is out of control. I do not have the ability to knit a sweater. I don't wear them and they are too much of a commitment. But for some reason I wish I knit sweaters. So I knit small things. Unfortunately it is way more fun the minute I get a idea for something that I start it, knit for a bit and then start something else. Right now I have on the needles...

1. lovely mohair scarf almost done. 2. 2 pair of socks. Both about half done. One pair I am losing interest in as now it appears to be the same colors as another pair I knit recently. You really can't tell what sock yarn is going to look like until you knit part of the sock. So this will be a gift pair. 3. shrug that is barely started but would be nice to wear at my desk as I work. This is out of nice yarn that I have tried to knit many a time with no luck. 4. the above half mitts. I had 2 skeins of this pretty peachy pink color. I started to make myself a pair and then it was my friend Dao's birthday so I am giving her the first pair. Then my friend Amber wanted me to knit her something so she is getting the cabled pair. So now to try and make a 3rd pair for myself I am knitting those magic loop method and adding some mohair in the same color. I think I can squeeze this 3rd pair out for myself.

I am forcing myself to focus and work on only one thing until it is done. Period.

Readers what do you do with the leftover sock yarn that you have? I have A LOT. Sometimes I reknit a pair of socks when they wear out if I really like them. I then use that yarn but I have a lot of odds and ends and wonder if anyone has something interesting that they do with that yarn?

Other knitting news... the new issue of is out and that is always full of good ideas

And don't forget their blog

And while you knit the night away you can listen to Brenda Dayne with her Cast On podcasts. Go to my links at the right for hers. Personally I listen to her when I walk which is equally enjoyable. Check her out. I heard someone refer to her voice as velvet... and it is.

And here is a link to my fav needles. I especially like to knit socks on these HiyaHiya needles. Nice sharp point. I knit mine on a 0 needle, 40 inch magic loop. Very reasonably priced. I fight the urge to buy 10 pair because if I did I know I would have 10 pair of socks all started but none finished.

Happy Knitting!