I am knitting from my stash. This is because I moved every last skein, ball and scrap of yarn I had into our small apartment. And this year is about using up stuff we have. Anything we have and use up is something next Summer we will not be moving. I made these cute half mitts-- a pair for me and a longer pair for my friend Justine. I like the organic ness of them as well as the fact that they don't match.

Later today I walk about a mile cutting through the Capitol to Bethany Lutheran Church where I help teach young kids to knit. They are very cute and remind me of when I learned to knit and how hard it was. It is an after school program and the kids are bussed in from somewhere in the city.

I believe that knitting is something that while it can be learned from a book should be taught to you. Everyone seems to remember how they learned to knit. My Grandma taught me to knit and I had to be in 3rd grade. Oh how I waited to get into 3rd grade. I also think men should knit. I love to see a man knitting.

Wednesday night I have my monthly Knitting Group. My friend Jane, her neighbor Gwen and her friend Maria. We meet at a lovely knitting store and coffee shop called Lakeside Fiber. I am so pleased to already belong to a group. I think women need this. Actually men too but I don't think they know it.