knitters for knegotiation


yesterday I started wearing this button. It helps me express how broken-hearted I feel about the divisive and controversial budget just rammed through the legislature by our Republican Governor, Senate and House-with assistance from our corrupt and partisan Supreme Court. Governor Walker and his fellow Republicans have absolutely refused to knegotiate with Wisconsin citizens since they gained control of our state. This is unprecedented in a state famous for openness, integrity and bi-partisan problem solving.

The next step is to start knitting our broken state back together. This summer, as citizens and Democratic representatives fan out across the state to recall 6 GOP senators, we can correct misinformation and provide information to Wisconsinites who have not been paying attention. (Note: until this year I was blissfully unaware of my state’s budget and its consequences.) This budget hurts so many, yet at the same time it is not a fiscally responsible budget.

Maybe knitters can lead the way in helping fellow knitters find common ground? Last week their handiwork delighted and inspired me as I walked through the downtown Madison Farmers Market.