knitted handwarmers

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I was knitting a pretty pink sweater and now I am not. I bought soft washable pink Cascade yarn. I've knit the back and the sleeves and now I can tell that the sweater is just going to be wrong, wrong, wrong. The pattern looks square and structured and this yarn is just too soft. Sigh. So it sits. While I think and consult with my knitting group.

But knitting is a form of meditation for me. Especially in Winter when it is cold. So in the mean time I am knitting these little handwarmers from my stash. The really great thing about these is that I am a big sock knitter and always have some left. In fact I have a small wicker hamper full of odd and ends. Plus I like things to me mismatched. So I am just digging in my stash and knitting.

I'd rather have a sweater. But we can't always have what we want.

I was inspired to knit these by this Purl Bee pattern. If you want to do it right buy their lavishly wonderful yarn and make some. Or if you are like me knit up some of that stash while you figure out what to do with all that pink yarn.