kiddie cocktails by stuart sandler


I love this book on so many levels I don't know where to start.

First I adore the author, font maker, and mixologist Stuart Sandler. In addition to his cool cocktails his book really showcases all of his Font Diner fonts.

I love retro things. Especially mid-century. Derek Yaniger's retro illustrations are amazing. I wish I knew him personally.



And my plan is to be the coolest grandma ever with this book. As a kid I loved tea parties. Well the grands are boys so my hope will be to have Kiddie Cocktail Parties. Jackson you can have one as soon as you can say, "Kiddie Cocktail, please Grandma" and Alex we need to wait until you quit throwing your sippy cup across the room. I bet Papa will be our bartender. I bet we could find some spray cheese for the crackers.

Enjoy this book for the cocktails, the fonts or the illustrations. You can't miss. If you get it at Mister Retro you can get a numbered first addition.