keeping the faith

Of course when our massive protests in Wisconsin have so far failed to change the agenda and behavior of our far right Republican Governor and the GOP-controlled legislature, and we are for the most part out of the media spotlight, we can get discouraged. When I feel discouraged, I use my noon hour to gather with others in our Capitol rotunda to sing. An assorted and growing group of drop-in-on-your-lunch-hour citizens has been singing for ten weeks, five days a week from noon to 1. This article tells the story of the  “Solidarity Singalong” and how the old union, civil rights, spiritual and patriotic songs have tended the spark and kept the spirit of Wisconsin protest alive and well.

Photos are from a day when the rotunda was already booked for a performance, when the group moves outside to the State Street corner of the Capitol Square. You can download a songbook here.