Julie & Julia by Julie Powell

Today is Friday so that finds me blogging from Marie's before I head to Yellow Dog for knitting.

This is my reward for having a good work week. Lots has been happening here. John's friend Mike was here for an over-nighter. We've had 2 house showings this week and have an open house this Saturday. Also John got a message yesterday afternoon to call and set up an interview in Madison for late next week.

Plus we have both spent the week working on fonts. I am working on Yourz Truly, he tested Fruit & Veggie Doodles and started work on Hearts & Swirls. All in all much has been accomplished this week.

Oh yes John has golfed several times this week because we know that all work and no play makes John a dull boy.

But today's blog is really about a completely delightful book I read this week.

This book is about the author Julie Powell who is turning 30, has a dead end secretarial job and lives in a rundown arpartment is Queens. She decides that in the next 365 days she will make 524 recipes in her teeny, tiny apartment kitchen. These are not just any 524 recipes but all the recipes in Julia Childs, Mastering the Art of French Cooking book.

And she will blog about it as she goes. http://blogs.salon.com/0001399/ Her blog ends with the day Julia Child dies.

This book appeals to me because every time I get a new cookbook I immediately think I should start at the front and cook my way through the book. But then I start noticing all the recipes I would not want to eat and the things I am allergic to. But I always think about it. But I would never even think about it with a book like Julia's.

Not to ruin the book for you I will say the food part included a lot of butter, lard, marrowbone, butter, large pieces of meat I've never made and more butter, a lot more butter.

Also quite a few gimlets and a lot of swearing which frankly I would have had to indulge in if I was cooking my way through Julia's recipes.

Other things include good girlfriends, many dirty dishes, cat hair, plumbing issues and one story about maggots.

And even better this book is on it's way to becoming a movie. Meryl Streep will play Julia Childs and Nora Ephron is the writer/director.

I would recommend this as a book club book. And a must read before you see the movie.