Jade Monkey Cocktail Lounge

We have lived on the West side. Our good friends that we have visited for years live on Monroe St. And we have lived DT. Now we have moved about a mile and a half from DT and are on the near East side right by the Yahara River. This is the river that connects Lake Monona to Lake Mendota. Madison is a city of neighborhoods and now that we aren't DT we have new places we will go for the necessities. I am trying out 2 libraries to figure out which will be my home library. One that we went to on Saturday is near the Jade Monkey Cocktail Lounge. I always comment on the Jade Monkey because it is so cute. Good colors, good logo.

Unfortunately it is a cocktail lounge and John does not drink and I don't drink much. But John suggested a stop there post library. It made me think of my college days... in a bar in the day time on a sunny Spring day.

Nice pots of flowers... And a row of paint-by-number-like sock monkey paintings... the TV in the corner was playing old Popeye cartoons which reminded John of his childhood... and there was a bumper sticker that said, Jesus is my car insurance.

All in all worth checking out, kicking back, reading the Isthmus and having a very good margarita. Good exploring.