i wish i had known elizabeth zimmermann

I dreamt of a sweater I want to knit. And I don't knit sweaters. So I have been pondering it and how to find a pattern and then I thought I should go back to this book. In rereading The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann I realized how much I really like her books. And I've always thought of these as my mother's knitting books. But Elizabeth's patterns are well thought out and she explains them in a way that makes perfect sense. Plus she is fond of the garter stitch as I am.

I really like this book for many reasons. She talks about her schoolhouse home in Pittsville, WI and the surrounding area. We always drove through Pittsville on our way to and from college. Her book reads like a blog... she chats about canoe trips and traveling, her husband and family. There is even a picture of the car bought with knitting proceeds.

I've decided to knit the Tomten sweater jacket for the unborn Punky the grandbaby. And I think I am going to check out all of Elizabeth's books to read my way through this Winter. You might want to too.