i can't eat off colored plates...

That is not quite true... I can eat off some colored plates depending on the color of plate and the color of the food. But I don't want to and I think about the weird color/pattern combination the entire time.

I was once in a store with my friend Barb and she showed me a plate she though I would like. I remember saying I could not eat off oddly colored or large patterned plates. She paused and said that it must be a lot of work being me. And you know some days it is.

John has said that while some people have perfect pitch I have perfect color. And I have to say that it is nice that he works with my idiosyncrasies.

Most of our plates are white, we have a blue square set and some jadeite divided ones. Now John likes divided plates so his food does not touch and he likes to eat his food one thing at a time.

I have some lime plates that I am going to use to put pots of plants on. Try eating sliced tomatoes or a plate of spaghetti off of those. The red of the tomatoes and the green of the plates gives a brownish cast to the food. Ick.

OK I can see your blank stares as you read this. It is funny how some things bother some of us so much while other people don't see them at all... I guess if we as a couple were plates we would be white divided ones... oh well. And yes I have been told that I think too much.