Home again, home again...

We have been in Iowa for 3 days. The reason for the trip was for John to golf in his Dad's Golf Tournament in Waterloo. This year we took a couple extra days and also went to Cedar Rapids where John and I met and lived for many years. And I had lunch with my friends Nita, Kathy and Terry. We worked together at several different companies for many years. It was great to see all of them.

I also got to see my good friend Laurie too. We went off to Cedar Falls. We shop on Main Street which is full of cute little shops. Cup of Joe is a darling coffee shop done right.

It is full of formica tables, old lamps, purses and lots and lots of kitsch. And good coffee drinks too.

This was some iron work on the front of one of the stores.

So now we are home and that is great. Nice to go but I am just not that social. And there was a house showing while we were gone. We had a good open house just before we left and have had 5 showings in the last 3 weeks.... Fingers crossed.