hatch art house

The Hatch Art House is a delightful addition to our neighborhood. It is at the corner of Baldwin and Willie Street on the ground floor of the new mixed use apartment building. We wandered on over to their Grand Opening recently and were charmed.

This is Tammy. Hatch is her baby. It displays a wide variety of artwork at a broad range of prices, offering something for everyone. Every month, Hatch will host an art opening highlighting a featured artist. It’s sure to be a vibrant space, full of fun, beautiful and unique hand-crafted items and fine art. You can see some of Tammy's work in the background.

And here are some cards (not made by me) that feature doodles from my new Yuletide Doodles font.

Lots of interesting, unusual things like this Christmas tree...

Or paintings on glass...

Not to mention a nice selection of knitted items and mittens made from sweaters.

Do check Hatch out. It's a great place to finish up your Christmas shopping. It is right across from the Willie Street Coop. And you can follow them on Facebook so you can stay up to date on their new monthly exhibits.