Grandma's Apron

My Mother's Mother was a fabulous cook and baker. Once when I was in college I went to spend a day with her to how to bake from scratch. I found that Grandma did not have recipes nor did she measure anything. I was too young to figure out how to translate that into something I could write down and do later. But it was a nice day.

This is the apron my Grandma always wore. At my last Creative Lunch with Justine I was remembering these aprons and she said they still had a pattern for them. So I found it and spent last Saturday on the porch cutting and sewing and ironing. The fabric is the background on the header of the blog. I now have one of these criss-cross back aprons just like Grandma's. Unfortunately when it is on the skirt kind of flares out and it looks like it should be worn over a house dress like Grandma did.

I am thinking of making 2-4 more and dressing my wire people hangers in them depending on wall space in our next home.