Today I am going to actually do some work! John has an audition in Chicago. And I am drawing Flower Doodles. This is done in my head and trying hard to get out.

This is how much stuff I can haul over daily in my teeny, tiny car.

And there is still a whiff of 'old people' in the condo so I am burning scented candles all day long. But as more old stuff is taken out like a wall of old, stained, cobwebbed vertical blinds I hope more of the scent goes too. I am sure painting helps too.

Louvered doors are everywhere. 10 places that I can think of, probably more if I was to go and count them. Very 70s... Since I am going to start out with a mod, 70s look they will stay for a bit. I find these especially interesting. The one on the left goes towards the front door. The one is the middle is a broom closet and the one on the right goes to the dining area. This was from that time when you put doors on your kitchen so you could I think hide your mess when you entertained.