Felted Slippers

The jury is still out on these. Each slipper is normally knit in 4 pieces, sole, each side and the tab. I knit an extra sole. So lots of little pieces to knit. You then sew them together and then felt them. Felting is always a bit of a guessing game. Each slipper is unfortunately slightly different. And of course I would not like that. After I felted them the first time (above) they were odd little mismatched, ill-fitting felt lumps on my feet.

After refelting and adding the tab and some vintage buttons they look better but are still a bit odd. They fit kind of funny. I am going to wear them for a bit and see if they grow on me. But I am doubtful.

I used Cascade wool yarn and it was from my stash. At least I didn't go and buy some special yarn that I was in love with.

I can't tell if it is how I knit them or if the pattern is not a good fit. Any opinions from anyone who knit them? I know this was a popular pattern this holiday season.