Fabric Frenzy Minted voting...

Here is what I have been up to. Creating fabric. Carrying out last week's bear theme is a repeat fabric pattern using that same sweet little bear. It is for all things baby... clothes, bedding, curtains, etc.

If you have already signed up on minted.com you can just go to this link and vote https://www.minted.com/design-rating/838383. If you are a first time voter sign up first on Minted and then come back and use this link to find me. I think there are over 4,000 entries. Plz vote for others too. So much talent in this challenge.

Minted asked for some Man Cave fabric. I used some animals from my Wilderness Doodles font. https://www.minted.com/design-rating/853551?filter=all&sort=designer

https://www.minted.com/design-rating/853557?filter=all&sort=designer And here is a coordinating print. This would be great man cave or cabin fabrics. Pillow, curtains, sheets, dish towels. Endless uses.


https://www.minted.com/design-rating/854051?filter=all&sort=designer I'd love a pair of flannel pjs or sheets in this pattern.

Just to mix it up a bit here is a black and white pattern. I really like B&W. This contemporary print would make great dishtowels or tablecloths or pillows. https://www.minted.com/design-rating/856061?filter=all&sort=designer

Once again huge thanks for any of you who can take the time to do this. I truly appreciate it. And spread some of that voting love around too.