I have more paper than I know what to do with. I don't mean old newspapers and magazines stacked to the ceiling. I mean little paper things I have saved. Things I can't part with. Things that I know will be missed if I toss them. Things that need to be a part of a creative greater whole. Things that when I run across them make me happy.

I've decided to make them small rotating displays here and there. We have grey or taupe walls  so I am putting some black and white things up with clips and t pins. I am enjoying the look.

Here are some old Madison photos with a couple vintage keys and a couple sepia shots from somewhere. Yes I also have odds and ends of non paper dimensional things that I value too.

These are Paris items. The top photo was something Dad brought back from WWII. I did the illustration of Notre Dame for Paris Doodles. I've clipped it over a page from a vintage French book. I like it that these will stay up until I am satisfied with looking at them.

I have another little corner that I think will hold photos I've taken recently. I take a lot and put one or two up here but there are many that I could enjoy on a wall...