Edible Bird House!

Look at this lovely housewarming gift! This is made by my childhood friend Mary who is here visiting. She made this last Winter during a Kentucky ice storm when she was house bound. To make this you start with a birdhouse. She got hers from Michaels. She also got non-toxic glue there too. You then embellished the house with bird seeds, nuts, dried fruit (nothing with salt or sugar). You could use a small corn cob for the chimney if you want. You can also decorate with things that birds can make their nests with. She said that each of her birdhouses were a different shape and were decorated differently.

This is so cute I think I have to keep it for some months to look at and maybe put it out next Spring. Birds actually come and eat the stuff on the birdhouse and then make a nest inside. Mary said that after the house is trashed you can spread peanut butter on it and put more seeds on it.

Anyone looking for a good DIY Christmas project could start making these now and have their Christmas shopping done.