early morning walk...

I walk by this storefront from time to time. I can't figure out (even with the internet) what this place is. A design studio of some kind? Interior design? Graphic design? And it never seems open but the windows change. But I rarely walk by during normal biz hours. Yesterday I was walking by around 7AM on my way to mail some things.

Someone has collections of stuff, good stuff, varied stuff, and the ability to edit and display it well.

Just look at this lovely crown.

I wonder if this person make things... like putting the bird on the tube under the glass dome...

But here is my favorite shot for 2 reasons... I love the white on whiteness with the little bit of gold... And adore the repetition of the gold grommets and the circle holes in the bottle stopper.

If anyone can fill me in on this place plz leave a comment. When I search on the internet I find a listing for Strata in Stoughton. But this is off Atwood in my neighborhood near the Alchemy.