diy project 2... done!

This what what the area behind our front door looked like before we bought. A 70s style Chicago brick planter. Heavy, dated, wasted space and frankly ugly.

Then it looked even worse. One day John just decided to just tear out the bricks. And then he patched the wall and painted...

and yesterday he built this little table!!! And I am very excited. I love this new look.

The tabletop is a piece of white formica that we had cut to fit the space. This was a special order thru Menards and it cost $60. The legs are from IKEA. You can buy individual legs and tabletops there. I got the legs when we were leaving Eau Claire as I knew I would someday use them somewhere. The legs are gray metal which looks nice with the wall color. If I remember correctly legs are maybe $10-$12 each depending on the style.

The wall was not square and the table fits both under the half wall ledge and behind the door frame so there was a bit of finagling to get the table in place. But it looks fabulous and now we have a little catch all spot for outgoing mail and things that are leaving the house.

(Thank you John for all your hard work on this project!)