diy knitted stocking stuffer


Gwen is one of my Tuesday night knitting friends. She had mentioned knitting these as little Christmas gifts. Really easy and something you can finish in one night of TV watching.

I used Sugar and Cream cotton dishcloth yarn from my stash. You knit a piece of knitted fabric in whatever design and color you want and then stitch it around a bar of soap. I got some really nice goat's milk soaps from Anthropologie. This knitted piece was a swatch I had in my cotton yarn stash.

Since I already had the swatch for gauge I knitted this khaki soap cover to fit the soap exactly. I added a second novelty yarn and well frankly this turned out looking like hand knit Spam. Not a gift giving look anyway you slice it. But I thought I'd share anyway. Sometimes good knitting just goes bad.

The bonus is that I once again was able to knit from my stash and I even used an old swatch that I have no idea what it was for. I have been trying to knit this year from my stash since I had 7 wicker bins of yarn, plus skeins in baskets here and there. I must be on track as I have condensed my bins from 7 to 6 and the 7th one now holds all my knitted items so I can easily find them and actually wear them.