diy decorated boxes

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here are 3 wooden boxes I've been decoupaging. Every so often I make things just for the fun of it. These boxes are about 8 x 8 x 2 and I got them at Michael's. This one is a gift for a friend who likes squirrels. The only thing I bought for this one was the little ceramic squirrel I acquired several years ago. The etching came out of the book, The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration by Heck. I don't know how 'complete' this tome is but it does have some nice old etchings in it. I scanned, cropped and enlarged the etching to fit.



This box has a completely different feel. I used the wrapping paper from a gift my friend Justine gave me and embellished with some metal stars, vintage pearls that were my mother's and some other shiny bits. Not sure yet where this will go or what it will hold.




I really like this box. The cover is a grid of vintage glass and plastic clear buttons and rhinestones layered together. The inside are flower etching from the same book. I like how they all turned out. And now I have some new boxes to hold old mess. I had all the old buttons so the only things I bought for this project were the 3 boxes and the little squirrel. I always like to make something that uses up some of the stuff I have collected.

A great DIY project. And they make great gifts. I started out with the same box but used different scraps of this and that and got three completely different looks. Start now and make a couple each month and give them as Christmas gifts to the special people on your list.