Day 8... San Antonio

R ain, Sleet, Snow...

Rae: Well that was yesterday. This trip reminds me of the one we took to the Dominican Republic where it was nice the first day and rained the rest of the week.

We walked in wind and rain to the Alamo only to find that we could not go in the mission part because of a ceremony but were ‘welcome’ to come back in 4 hours. We did go in the gift shop and the other area that has the story of the Alamo. John and I were both rudely reprimanded by staff. He set his cup down and I took a photo in the gift shop. I am fine being told not to do something but they could have done it in a nice way.

We tried to go to the Blue Star Contemporary Art Gallery but they are closed to put up a new exhibit. We did check out a couple interesting small folk art galleries.

Vacation is just plain hard work when the weather is bad. So mid afternoon we gave up trying to have fun and went back to the room and had a long nap. I am thankful that we are in a nice hotel. John pointed out that if it was 80 and sunny I’d be loving San Antonio. Yesterday I actually wished I had my big, long, hooded, down coat. (Jane, I can hear you laughing.) But in defense of my packing skills, who thought it would be 4 degrees warmer than home?

But today is looking up. John is now golfing as it is 50. I am at Starbucks on the Riverwalk. After I post I am going to wander a little. Tonight we will come back here for dinner as it is all lit up at night. We had a delightful breakfast at the Guenther House which is part of the Pioneer Flour Mills. (Thanks for the tip Nancy.)

Tomorrow we start the long trip home, we are just going to see how far we can drive each day. Have to do at least 7 hours a day...

JOHN: I know the little ditty about “if the world gives you lemons...” blah blah blah, but we’ve heard so many people praise San Antonio. It seemed a fair bet to come. But, I doubt we will ever be back. That Alamo thing was odd. Oh...I know, I erred carrying in my coffee (unspillable travel mug) and I suppose the staff encounter some jerks in their day, but their rudeness ruined what I hoped to be a highlight of this trip. So, we will stay one more night and call it quits! We do so like our own little slice of home.

Artie: There is everything in the freezer to make the Blue Cheese, Caramelized Onion, Prosciutto Pizza if you feel like it.