Day 8, McCain and the ERA

Just more packing today with a friend coming to get a HUGE mirror and a neighborhood grill-out at noon. I have yet to mention politics on my blog, trying to just keep it light. Well something has come to my attention that all women and all men who support women need to know.

John McCain was here in Eau Claire, WI Friday and this is a brief excerpt from a 40-minute interview with the Leader-Telegram. Here was a question posed to Senator McCain...

Q: It seems to be women's week on the campaign trail. Critics in Wisconsin have suggested that you opposed a bill calling for equal pay for equal work, but you mentioned in your speech today that you support that concept. Can you clarify your position?

A: Just like I opposed the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States because I thought it was not helpful to women and would lead to litigation and court cases and all kinds of problems. ... I will continue to support efforts to ensure equal pay for equal work. That's a concept that all of us support, and it's the law, but the question is how do you implement it and make it effective.

OMG... so conceptually McCain believes that women and men should be paid the same for the same work. but he appears to have no idea how to do that. And the man opposes the ERA. And that is all I will say even though there is SO much more in my head it could explode.

I have heard over and over from friends that all the candidates are too much alike. Well please take this into consideration when you choose how to vote.

And I am going to put this article in my purse so I can share it with anyone who is not sure who to vote for now until election time.